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Choose your Style from our Artists below are two accomplished artists who teamed up to bring you original designs about life.  Clôde Beaupré is an art teacher and sculptor. Jean-François Dupuis is a photographer and computer art lover who brings new dimensions to Clôde’s sculptures. This collection is about Humanity and Emotions.

T-Shirts – Apparel – Accessories – Sculptures  

Two artisans who inspire and use elements of the sea & nature to create jewellry, decorative objects and furniture.

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A dedicated biologist who loves to illustrate the beauty and complexity of nature through meticulous details. Look, Observe and See…

T-Shirts – Apparel – Accessories

Jean-François Dupuis is an accomplished photographer and artist that feeds the world with unique images and colours.   His art is sold all over, you might even have a frame in your kitchen or living room that you bought in a chain store. Now you can put a name on an image.

T-Shirts – Apparel- Accessories

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