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Choose your Style & See what they Offer are two accomplished artists who teamed up to bring you original designs about life.  Clôde is an art teacher, sculptor. Jean-François is a photographer and computer art lover who brings new dimensions to Clode sculptures. This collection is about Humanity and Emotions.

Shirts – Posters – Frames- Accessories – Sculptures  

Jean François is an accomplish photographer and artist that feeds the world with unique images and colours.   His art is sold allover, you might even have a frame in your kitchen or living room that you bought in a chain store. Now you can put a name those images.

Shirts – Posters – Frames- Accessories

A collection of Happy, Funny and Amusing characters and images, hand drawn with a graphite pencil the old school way, around the theme that he call  “Weed Artist”.

Shirts – Posters – Frames- Accessories


Two artisans who inspire and use elements of nature to create jewelry, decorative objects and furnitures.

Jewelleries – Accessoiries – Sculptures – Funitures


A dedicated biologist professional that loves birds and draw them with a simple pencil with details that only… lorem ipsum dolor. Massa at nullaplacerat varius. Suspendisse in liberorisus, in interdum massa.

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